Thursday, 14 February 2013

Passionate About Training? Why online training can be the answer...

The simple answer is time and money. The world pretty much now revolves around the internet and people are using it for everything from ordering groceries to talking to their loved ones around the world and so why wouldn’t they want to use it for training?

Time is a very precious commodity and whether you are an employer who can’t afford to lose your staff for a day to go to a classroom based course or an employee who has to get trained in their own time; you can do your eLearning in bite sized chucks (so long as you have access to the internet) during the day as time allows or in the evening when you can relax a bit. Build the learning up over a few sessions and then take the exam when you are ready. It can also be said that learning a bit at a time can for a lot of people make learning more palatable as you don’t have the pressure of completing the course in one day and passing the exam. At the end of the day retaining the knowledge is key when you get a visit from an Environmental Health Officer.

Money is very tight at the moment and lots of businesses and individuals are having to save where they can. Classroom based courses are always going to be more costly as there is a trainer to be paid for as well as the student to get to the classroom. ELearning means you can take the course anywhere you can get an internet connection and to put it simply the cost is lower because the overheads are less.

Is an online course good enough? Yes it is. Our course is accredited by Qualifi who are a UK awarding body and they are regulated by Ofqual. Our Food Hygiene course has a “Fully Accredited” status which is the highest level an online Level 2 course can achieve at the moment.

Your certificate will come as a pdf document which gives you the flexibility to email, print or electronically transfer to anyone you need to. We do this to offer a level of flexibility and also to reduce the cost which is reflected in our prices.

We also offer in our system an ability for anyone buying more than one course at a time a business administration area where you can view your course codes and see which ones have been registered as well as learner progress and a link to a copy of the certificate for all of your successful learners so you can build your own learning database. Any spare codes you buy have no life attached to them until they are registered so there is no need to worry that they will be wasted if they are not used.

Easy to use, flexibility for learners and managers plus the best price add up to a very sensible way to get all your staff up to the correct level of training. 

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